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      Call us Oregon Chardonnay crusaders. We’re not jumping on the bandwagon - we’ve been driving it for years. Working to make sure Oregon Chardonnay gets the credit it deserves.

      Oregon’s style is not California, and not Burgundy (though closer). It is clean and fresh, with vibrant fruit, minerality, and a balance of richness and acidity.

      Oregon Chardonnay has been somewhat of a paradox: the best are world class in quality, yet many of them are made in such small batches that they'll never be seen on the world stage, let alone outside of Oregon.

      Things are changing. Chardonnay plantings and bottlings have skyrocketed, relatively speaking, and we now have the amazing annual event: Oregon Chardonnay Celebration (for which we’ve helped select the participating wines and wineries).

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