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Kelley Fox Mirabai Pinot noir 2019

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Oh, I love 2019. The Mirabai 2019 is a light-to-medium, youthful blue-red with brilliant transparency. Like all of my other 2019 bottlings, it is certainly lighter in colour and more nunanced than my 2018. True to the Dundee Hills, this Mirabai begins with a beautiful, fresh strawberry nose with subtle spices and tastes of the same carried by the lightest drape of silk. To me, this luminous Mirabai is both heart-warming and uplifting. - KF

2018 vintage notes

Ten years since its inception, the Mirabai has a new label drawn by my younger daughter who grew up in a vineyard near Maresh, and who spent many days there with her sister and her dad, who has been farming many of the blocks at Maresh impeccably since 2000. Sometimes Jim Maresh Sr. would give them each a $5 bill for being “wine orphans” during harvest.

I hope you can feel the magic and the life force of the Dundee Hills in this new label! Even better, please visit-then you can hear the songbirds and breathe the fresh air there. I changed the appellation to what is has actually been for many years: Dundee Hills. Also, the Mirabai now includes some fruit from Weber Vineyard. The late Art Weber and Vivian Weber were looking for David Lett back in the early ’70’s and no one would tell them where he lived! David was my sensei and my dear friend, and this story that Vivian recently told me on her front porch with tea and bluebirds flying here and there in their beautiful vineyard rings so true. Well, they drove up Worden Hill Road, and saw hand-written sign that 21 acres were for sale. They were sure that must have been David Lett, and pulled up. In fact, it was Jim Maresh! They bought the property from the Maresh family and became lifelong good friends and neighbors. There’s a story that made me laugh to the point of tears that Jim Maresh told me long ago about he and Art trying to use dynamite to remove a huge boulder. I'll save that story for another time. I’ve hoped to produce wine from Weber for a very long time, so I am happy to tell you that the Mirabai has both Maresh and Weber in it: the very spirit of true friendship!

The Mirabai 2018 is a medium, youthful and merry blue-red with brilliant tranparency. Like all of my other 2018 bottlings, it is deeper in colour than my 2017s. True to the Dundee Hills, this Mirabai begins with a nose full of Hood strawberries with some spices carried by a magic carpet of silk and beautiful length.

Once again, in the light of not being too serious and in an attempt to not imprison my living wines with my tasting note word-cages, I have asked a friend who is also a fellow winery owner/winemaker to write some notes about my Mirabai 2018:

“Three times in my life, I thought I had found actual magic on earth. Once, when I was six, I believed I saw Bigfoot picking strawberries in a clearing in an old-growth forest. Another time I am convinced I swam in a river made of any liquid you wanted to be in or consume. The third time was when I picked up this glass of wine and felt like the world was 100,000 years younger and more innocent.”

Picking Dates: 40% Maresh Vineyard: 2 October 2018: some of the Long Rows (1970), some of Old Block (1970), Block 8 (1978), some of the Star of Bethlehem Block (1988) and Block 7 (1991) 60% Weber Vineyard: 6 October 2018: 1983 self-rooted Pommard

Barrels: neutral Burgundy barrels (228L) made from French forests
Bottling Date: 27 and 28 June 2019
Alcohol: 13.5 %
Whole Cluster: about 30%


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