Patricia Green Cellars


      Patty Green passed away unexpectedly November 6, 2017. Patty was loved by everyone, from fellow winemakers to wine fans across the globe. An inspiration and mentoring force behind some of the brightest winemakers in Oregon, Patty leaves behind a void that feels impossible to fill. The winery team will carry on, led by Patty’s business partner/co-winemaker/friend Jim Anderson, who over the past few years had taken on more of the winemaking duties as Patty had focused more on farming.

      Some words from Jim: “I had the special privilege of having known, worked and partnered with Patty for over 20 years. We had ups and downs like anybody does in any sort of relationship but we used to joke that other than the weird people whose marriages somehow survived owning a winery together that we were the longest standing winemaking duo in Oregon. There’s something to both the factual information about that and the joking sentiment behind it that contribute
      to the special nature of our relationship.

      Patty had done so many interesting and crazy things in her life way before she started making wine that it was hilarious how far down the list the life of a winemaker was in her amazing life. Her approach to winemaking was pure. She had no motivations to be famous or acknowledged or even particularly that well paid. Because of her desire to be extremely low-profile and the nature of the winery itself she likely did not get the accolades for her work in the Oregon wine business. Nonetheless I know that the loss I feel will also be a loss to the more delicate soul of all the things that make winemaking and vineyard tending special in Oregon.

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