Isole e Olena

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      I'm still processing my mind-blowing Italy trip, reviewing pictures, transcribing notes, reliving moments and tastes I'll always remember. Within an epic trip, an especially awesome visit was to Isole e Olena, one of my favorite producers not only in Italy, but worldwide. 
      Leaving Barolo-land early Wednesday morning, we drove a steady five hours to roll into the forested hills south of Firenze, the excitement of my first-ever visit to Isole taking the place of the usual roadside espresso go-juice. A jaw-dropping scene unfolded as we navigated the Tuscan cypress-lined driveway.
      The kinds of wine that make you feel alive, Isole e Olena's flagship Sangiovese, Cepparello, stupefyingly great Cabernet, and excellent value Chianti Classico belong in your collection.



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