Haden Fig


      When Haden Fig debuted in 2008, we were totally stoked about the new, micro Oregon winery. Great fruit, spectacular value, immediately drinkable, cool labels - what more can you ask for? There's even a bonus: the Haden Fig wines are made by Erin Nuccio at Evesham Wood, one of Oregon's great artisan wineries.

      The name Haden Fig is curious to say the least, and I asked Erin how the name originated. He said, "When it came time to name the winery we were up to our ears in baby books trying to pick the perfect name for our soon-to-be-born baby boy. This was an enormous and exhausting task, but finally the name Haden came to us. I am not sure if we had stumbled upon the name of our winery or the name of our son, but it stuck in both cases. As for the 'fig' component, this might have been a subconscious homage to Mark Twain and his Huck Finn. It just sounded right, and it has become the name of a dream realized."

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