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      While this is a relatively new label, launched in September 2014, nearly all of our customers have tried wines made by/at Goodfellow Family Cellars. How’s this possible, you ask? The same winemaker that brought you Matello wines, Marcus Goodfellow, created a new label or put in a more flowery way, has evolved his winery.

      Goodfellow has been one of our go-to producers for Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Pinot gris - hell, we’d probably buy a white Zin from them if they made one. Goodfellow Family Cellars showcases specific vineyards and traditional winemaking techniques (not that anything they do qualifies as non-traditional, space-age, or otherwise). “Old vines, dry farming, traditional winemaking, simple techniques executed meticulously,” is their stated philosophy.

      Marcus Goodfellow's winemaking philosophy is to "let it be." He allows the natural beauty of the fruit to take center stage and builds a perfectly balanced wine around its natural evolution, without manipulation. Marcus does not alter the young wine's fermentation with yeast, and he uses little new oak. Oak is used for aging to add texture rather than flavor, allowing the fruit to predominate. 

      Goodfellow's winemaking process results in wines that allow the terroir to shine through. He takes risks and produces unique and compelling wines. 

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