Belle Pente


      Belle Pente epitomizes Oregon wine: speak softly and let your wines do the talking. Wines grown and made with integrity, priced with modesty. Brian and Jill O'Donnell are the kind of people you want to buy wine from; fortunately, they also make some of our favorite Oregon Pinots.

      Jill & Brian established Belle Pente Vineyards in 1994, with the first wine produced in 1996. Brian is from New York City, and Jill from St. Cloud, Minnesota. They met while living in California, and moved to the Willamette Valley in 1992. Both were award-winning home brewers, and Brian began making wine for family and friends in 1986. On the night of the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, they resolved to begin a transition out of their Silicon Valley careers to start up a small premium vineyard & winery. Brian is currently responsible for production, and he and Jill share marketing and administrative duties. Daughter Riona arrived just in time for the 1999 vintage, and now serves as Director of Social Media Marketing.

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