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      Let me cut through the flowery praise and say this about Ayoub Wines: buy them. They are commanding and intense, with sublime balance and aging potential. You can open them now and marvel at their youthful energy, but save some for 5,10,15 years down the road. 

      Ayoub is the dream of Mohamad "Mo" Ayoub, who searched Oregon for the perfect vineyard site. He found his vineyard land in 2001 and planted four acres on south-facing volcanic jory soils in the Dundee Hills of Oregon's Willamette Valley, an area highly respected and known for its bright and elegant wines.

      Rex Pickett, author of 'Sideways' says of Ayoub Pinot noir: "Ayoub's wines are bold, rustic and some of the finest expressions of the pinot noir grape I've ever tasted. Maybe it's unfair to single out one winemaker to the exclusion of so many others in the Willamette Valley, but Ayoub is emblematic of what's happening with Oregon pinot: small production, hands-on approach, and intimate and rigorous control over the final product."

      Until recently, Mo had a grueling schedule: 90 hour-plus work weeks in which he commuted to Dundee during the weekends, and back to the Bay Area for his engineering “day job” Monday through Friday. It was a brutal schedule but it allowed Mo to build his brand, largely through hosting one of the most intimate and memorable tasting experiences in the Valley, if not the country. Take your shoes off and enter Mo's house, sit around his kitchen island, break bread and eat cheese while Mo shares his wines with you. I’ve done it at least a dozen times yet I always look forward to my next visit.

      A trained chef and engineer, you can see elements of each in his approach to hospitality and his keen attention to detail. In our expert opinions, Mo is making some the very best Oregon wines. He would agree!

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