Evesham Wood La Grive Bleue Pinot Noir 2022

Evesham Wood La Grive Bleue Pinot Noir 2022

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2021 vintage notes

All the characteristics that have made La Grive Bleue not just one of our favorite Evesham Wood wines but one of our most cherished wines, period, are all here: the soaring aromas, cherries mingling with rosemary blossoms, an expansive and elegant palate of fantastic flavors. But the texture is otherworldly, like no previous vintage, so beautifully creamy-silky. This heavenly feel marries with Evesham's vibrant soul and we're left knowing that La Grive Bleue has graduated to a higher perch.

Always-limited production made from estate grown, certified organic, 25 year-old vines. 

2015 vintage notes

Darker, juicier and every bit as engaging as the Eola-Amity, layering all kinds of cherries and wild berries and classic EW hints of sage. Several minutes after the last taste, as I write, I'm shaking my head thinking "I can't believe I'm still tasting this beautiful wine." From the north block of Evesham's Wood certified organic estate vineyard, now 20 years-old. - Marcus

2014 vintage note

One of the truest values in exceptional Pinot noir, from Evesham Wood's certified organic estate vineyard, with 20 year-old vines. We opened this late last week and it wowed us and everyone who tasted it. Filled with satiny black cherry and hints of plum, this superbly balanced wine drinks beautifully out of the gate and should develop in your cellar for 4-8 years too. It always goes quickly, only eight barrels (195 cases) made. - Marcus 

2013 vintage note

New release of La Grive Bleue shows the elegance of the 2013 vintage. Tightly wound upon release, we look forward to watching how this unfurls into a classic LGB.

2012 vintage note

Already sold out to Evesham Wood devotees - sorry! 

Erin says: "As always the La Grive Bleue bottling is sourced from our small northeast block on our estate vineyard. While there are some distinct soil and clonal differences (Dijon 777 and 114 as opposed to the rest of Le Puits Sec that is planted heavily to Pommard) the wine displays classic Le Puits Sec notes."

2010 vintage note

Erin describes the wine: "Rose petals and violets - the most floral of the four new wines. Fresh, with rich, full body. Pure fruit and floral notes fill the flavor, and the finish has a touch of wood spice, cinnamon and violets. Cellar for 3-10 years. The La Grive Bleue Pinot shows great aging potential. We recently opened the 2007 and it showed great. The 2010 has even more age ability than the 2007." 250 cases made

2009 vintage note

A little tight when first opened, the shell quickly melts into dark cherry and berry notes that take on an irresistible silky-creaminess on day two. A resinous thread propels the finish. La Grive Bleue is made from the younger vines (if you call 17 year-old vines young) in Evesham's estate vineyard, Le Puits Sec, which are certified organic. Highly recommended and very limited - only 200 cases made.

Traditionally viewed by the winery as their "young vine" Pinot noir, the vines are now over fifteen years old. We're not sure if Erin will make this wine in future vintages, as he puts more of the grapes into Les Puits Sec. For now, this is a smaller production than past years.

2008 vintage note

Lush, juicy, perfumed and expressive. Silky red fruits, delicate herbs and mint, and warm spice. Always a limited wine, the 2008 was a low-yielding year so this is very limited. From the twelve year-old, northeast block of Evesham Wood's organically certified, dry farmed estate vineyard. - Marcus

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Make sure you always get a discount by using Build a Case® How it works:

If you haven't found a full case (12 bottles) to buy today, start your Build a Case®  now by purchasing a few bottles online, by phone or email. If you order online, select the Build a Case®  option. If by phone or email, just ask us to add the bottles to a Build a Case®  for you. You'll receive order confirmation and we'll cellar the wines for you until you reach a full case.

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