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Our wine advice: life's too short to drink bad wine, and we're here to help you in your pursuit of great wine.

We taste as much or more Oregon wine in a given year than anyone on the planet. We look for the needles in the haystacks, the wines you won't find in your local wine store. Wineries have long sought our help to sell their most limited, unique bottlings.  

We are really picky. We don't like to sell wines that we don't like to drink. 

Our goal is to describe wines in meaningful ways that you can actually relate to. We actively battle against overly flowery tasting notes. You know the kind. The ones that mention near-imaginary fruits, plants, and oddball stuff that few people on earth have ever smelled or tasted. They're mostly B.S. and worse, they perpetuate snobbery that we don't like. We work to give you the unfiltered truth about wines and wineries, free from hype and hyperbole.

We believe wine isn't one-size-fits-all. We believe good wine can be found at all prices. We believe in getting to know your tastes so that we can recommend the right wines for you.


Andy and Marcus