Vincent's Value Pinot Champions

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      An incredibly delicious one-two punch of Willamette Valley Pinots—and both are less than $30! No shock to us, both are from Vincent, who continues to champion outstanding value Pinot noir.

      First up, Vincent's Willamette Valley: bottled proof that sub-$25 WV Pinot is alive and well. Value Pinot fans, please listen and act—this small-production, thoughtfully made vino is a ridiculous deal that will disappear all too quickly. Grab it today. We know how many Ribbon Ridge Pinot fans are among our readership so we'll segue to Vincent's Ribbon Ridge, the single best value in Ribbon Ridge Pinot noir we have found. That simple. And another wine to scarf up in what we know will be a short window of availability. Long live Willamette Valley Pinot values, thanks to Vincent!

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