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      “Rasa” translates from Sanskrit as "terroir" or a sense of place. Given the importance of place to Billo and Pinto in crafting their wines, it is a perfect name for their winery.

      Rasa Vineyards is the collaboration of two brothers, Billo and Pinto Naravane. Originally from India, their accomplishments range from the world of high tech, engineering and math to viticulture and winemaking. Joining Walla Walla's winemaking community with their move into the beautiful former Colvin Vineyards building in South Walla Walla, they have quickly made a name for themselves.

      Rasa is a partnership of brothers Pinto and Billo Naravane, who have been wine enthusiasts since “forever." They are avid wine collectors and oenophiles. After working almost two decades in the computer industry, they finally ditched it all. Pinto and Billo took the plunge to go completely native in the wild, cut throat world of wine making. The Naravane brothers formed Rasa Vineyards in 2007 with the goal of producing ultra-premium, terroir specific wines.

      They channeled advanced degrees in science and engineering into making artful wines. Pinto runs the business side of Rasa; he’s been in the computer industry for more than two decades including 19 years as Founder and Chief of Operations for Plexus Technologies, a computer networking company. 

      Billo is the winemaker; he’s worked in various technical and managerial positions in the computer industry for over a decade and a half. Billo received his BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from MIT and his MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Billo finished his MS in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis in June 2008 and is currently the adjunct professor of Viticulture at Washington State University.

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