Long Shadows

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      Some of the world’s most respected winemakers have come to Washington State to make serious wine, the result of a new venture to bring a “Dream Team” from many corners of the world to Washington.

      Long Shadows Vintners is the brainstorm of Allen Shoup, former CEO of Stimson Lane (Chateau Ste. Michelle and Columbia Crest wineries, to name a few). Shoup said those who “have cast long shadows on the wine industry” inspired the name.

      The partnerships have bloomed into six labels producing premium wine in small quantities. Shoup selected California winemaker Randy Dunn (Feather), Agustin Huneeus and Philippe Melka (Pirouette), famous Bordeaux consultant/chateau owner Michel Rolland (Pedestal), Australian John Duval (Sequel), Ambrogio and Giovanni Folonari (Saggi), German producer Armin Diel (Poet's Leap), and Gilles Nicault, (Chester Kidder), who serves as director of winemaking for Long Shadows. 

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