Deep Roots Coalition

      The Deep Roots Coalition is an advocacy group for the production of wine sourced exclusively from non-irrigated vineyards.

      Their mission is to educate the wine consuming public as to the benefits of drinking "dry-farmed wine,” both in terms of the conservation of water supplies as well as the authenticity of the resulting wine.

      Member wineries have demonstrated a commitment to dry-farming and responsible water management practices. To this end, they do not grow or purchase grapes from irrigated vineyards in the Willamette Valley.

      Member wineries who purchase fruit outside the Willamette Valley strive to obtain fruit from non-irrigated vineyards and, where not possible, seek to obtain fruit from vineyard owners who practice responsible water management with the ultimate model being non-irrigation of vines.

      Members strive to produce wines of merit that demonstrate the principles associated with the Deep Roots Coalition. These principles include reduced yields and adherence to one of several low-impact viticultural programs (LIVE, Organic, Biodynamic, Salmon-Safe, etc.).
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