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      I'll be the first to admit: for many years, I would have called myself a heckler when it came to Willamette Valley sparkling wine. I'd be in the crowd yelling "Champagne can do it better!" What a jerk.

      The first wines to begin changing my perspective came from Michael Lundeen. But still, I saw those wines more as outliers. Then I accepted a tasting appointment with Dan Diephouse, co-proprietor/winemaker of Corollary, a new producer making only Willamette Valley sparkling wine. That's right, only.

      Before I even tasted a Corollary sparkling wine I was impressed with Dan's fluency in sparkling wine language, his modesty mixed with quiet confidence. And then came the wines. Like the Grinch who heard all the Whos singing, my heart grew several sizes and I'm here to tell you: I believe in Willamette Valley sparkling wine and I believe in Corollary's wines.

      Fans of Blanc des Blancs: you simply have to try the X Omni Vineyard 2018. Our Chardonnay fans will recognize the vineyard from Morgen Long's show-stopper wine. Fans of rosé: Corollary's Momtazi Vineyard Carbonic Rosé 2019 is an utterly brilliant, one-of-a-kind in Willamette Valley wine that delivers on Corollary's promise: to make you rethink what Oregon sparkling wine can be. The well-rounded soul of the program, Cuvée One 2019, will become a new house favorite.

      Whether you're closer to the old version of me (heckler) or the new version (believer), if you enjoy sparkling wine even occasionally I urge you to check these out, and to do it quickly because they are ultra-small production. They transcend "special occasion" wines to become their own special occasions: beautiful bottles to savor with your favorite people, any time you choose. Cheers to discovery and to you!!
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