Arterberry Maresh 2021


      If there were any doubts—there weren't from our perspective—the last couple vintages have put them to rest: Arterberry Maresh is solidly among the top 10 Willamette Valley wineries. The sophistication and style of Jim Maresh's wines has miraculously grown—a miracle because the wines were already among the best. And the ratings? That's a whole other but quite similar story—the scores given to Jim Maresh's red and white wines have been jaw-dropping.

      So here we are with the "official" release of Jim's 2021 Pinot noirs, weak-in-the-knees-swoon-worthy, not yet rated except for us, your favorite Willamette Valley wine experts having stamped them all with "must-have" ratings. We have a hunch that when the reviews do come for this line-up, the world will clammer for them and gobble them up instantly. It's what happened with Arterberry Maresh 2019s and the '21s are every bit as good—better, we think, because of the incredible fruit quality of the 2021s that makes them sing even now, without sacrificing a lick of age-worthiness.

      So today, we advise you to be wise: add the 2021 Arterberry Maresh Pinots to your collection before the reviews drop because their delicious quality demands it.

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