A NEW Ribbon Ridge Rockstar

A NEW Ribbon Ridge Rockstar

Harvest is on in the Willamette Valley! Blue skies, warm days, cool nights...we are excited. The thrill of the vintage to come is matched by the wave of wines released right at harvest. You've read about a few already—get ready to learn about more favorite new releases from the exuberant and pure 2021 vintage. They are fantastic!

We've been hard at work (yup, work) tasting and trust us: you are going to want this exceptional Ribbon Ridge Pinot. Next door to Brick House, down the road from Beaux Freres and Patricia Green—you may not know Ayres the same way you know these other Ribbon Ridge rockstars but we're about to change that...

$42.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($46.95 regular)

Us: One of the prettiest, most pure expressions of Ribbon Ridge Pinot noir I've tasted. Filled with the most delectable harvest of berries, capturing the essence, sweetness, and freshness of popping a big handful in your mouth with each sip. So delicious! Add to it lacy mineral and Ribbon Ridge earth accents and a finish that pulses with a back-and-forth deep strawberry and blackberry wave.

Ayres doesn't get quite the attention of famous neighbors—like Brick House, which is practically next door—and when I taste a wine like the 2021 Lewis Rogers Lane I think, that's a shame!

The winery: Lewis Rogers Lane is an attempt to capture our vineyard in a glass,“ says winemaker Brad McLeroy. “If our vineyard could speak, this bottle is what it would say. It’s a blend of all five Pinot Noir clones in our estate vineyard; it highlights what mother nature gave us in the vintage. It is elegant and rich, with a dark fruit profile, subtle spice and earth, and a long finish.