Our Name

Why is your website Northwest-wine.com when your store is Avalon Wine?

It’s like an awkward first date question. Like some first-date answers, it involves some delicate dancing and hard truths.

Way back in the day (and many years prior to our purchase of the company) we had two websites: avalonwine.com for articles and winery profiles and northwest-wine.com for e-commerce. We’re told it made sense for the times.

While we started using avalonwine.com in 1999, the name was not trademarked by the company's founder. We learned this when the lawyers for a certain wine brand with a very similar name sent us cease and desist letters. 

We could have spent barrels of money fighting in court (and likely been able to continue using the name) but frankly, that sounded awful. We chose to keep the name of our nearly 30 year-old enterprise but gave up its eponymous website name.