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Dusky Goose Dundee Hills Pinot noir 2011

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In a vintage where most Pinots tended to be about anything but the fruit, 2011 Dusky is all about the succulence of pure Pinot flavors. We love raspberry-driven Pinots, and there's a big juicy raspberry sitting in the driver's seat of the 2011 Dusky. So silky and supple, it glides gracefully across your palate, picking up the classic Dusky signature of dark, dried cherry through the finish. Superbly balanced, with a refreshing 13.1% alcohol.

Haven't we been warned against that vintage by most of the wine press?

Here's where we insert our voice, our opinion, our expertise. You should buy 2011 Dusky Goose because you'll love it. We love it. It's drinking superbly right now and holds up beautifully over the course of several days open, so it'll cellar well too. And to reiterate, it is drinking so incredibly upon release. It's as if the winery cellared it for us so that it'd be ready to fly at the right time (which is actually exactly what Dusky Goose did). That time is now.

Dusky Goose is typically in the more robust camp of Oregon Pinots and within the context of the cooler, more elegant 2011 vintage, it's still more robust. Like the 2010 Dusky that we gushed over, 2011 is more of a "Goldilocks" vintage for us: not too warm, not too cool - just right!

More about the 2011 vintage: it was a challenging year in the Willamette Valley, primarily from the standpoint of perception. Industry outsiders (including some critics) condemned the vintage before it was finished fermenting; after all, it was the coldest vintage on record. It's amazing what some of those premature judgments can do for the public perception of a vintage, before anyone tastes a single finished wine.

Contrary to those perceptions are the wines themselves. I'm not saying all 2011s were great, or even good. But not all 2008s were great (nor good), likewise with 2012s. Some vintages show better upon release, like 2012, and some are more awkward and gangly than I was at age 15, like 2011. And the at-large wine public, which for the sake of argument includes most critics, tends to view skeptically cooler vintages that don't show well early in their release schedules.

2011 Dusky Goose has benefited hugely from additional time in bottle before release. It's drinking as well or better than any Oregon Pinot on the market right now.

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