What We're Sipping & Get Your Summer Orders in NOW!

It's another nearly 80-degree day in Portland which makes us think two things: 1) it's going to be warm everywhere soon so now is the time to get your orders in before summer and 2) you should definitely have these two super-tiny batch, spring-in-a-bottle wonders! Only 3 and 5 cases of each available, respectively, they are what we're drinking and loving right now.

$39.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($44.95 regular)

Michael Lundeen crushes it again, delivering another "I can't believe it's not Champagne!" series of exclamations, and another few glasses of amazing bubbly pink deliciousness. There's nothing else to say except: if you enjoy sparkling wine and like Willamette Valley wine, you should absolutely have this in your fridge. Only 3 cases available. Ready, set, go!

$32.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($35.95 regular)

For all the praise we lavish on Evesham Wood Pinots, it's easy to overlook their stunning estate-grown Chardonnay, Le Puits Sec. That's entirely because there is a mere 1/4 acre of Chard planted in Evesham's certified organic Le Puits Sec vineyard, which yields only 1-2 barrels each vintage. That's it! What it lacks in quantity it way more than makes up for in pure excellence. It's sublime in 2019, once again the ideal match for the season's fresh halibut. 

Glowing with citrus and pear alongside wisps of sea air, hazelnut, and minerals. We're not going to bigtime hype it as there are only 5 cases available but...yum!