Walter Scott: Welcome to 2018

Welcome to 2018, as seen through the lens of one of our favorite -- and undeniably one of the most dynamic, trendsetting, and straight up smoking hottest -- wineries: Walter Scott. What you should know about 2018? Think the intensity of 2008 and 2012, but better overall balance. Excited? We thought you'd be.

These were just released but we've spent days with them already, starting with glimpses in barrel, tasting bottles in the shop and at home, and experiencing them at the winery's rad open house last weekend. We know them, we love them, and we're sure you will, too.

The most Willamette-Valley of all La Combe Verte Pinots, the '18 blends the ideal right parts of the valley, from top notch Eola-Amity Hills bright and savory goodness to Ribbon Ridge's lushness, to Dundee Hills sweet red fruits and baking spices, to Freedom Hill's power. At once engaging and surprisingly stacked in its structure, here's your window into 2018 -- you'll love the view. - Marcus

We have a shared vision of Willamette Valley Chardonnay with Walter Scott; we've all been early and vocal proponents of the grape's potential here. Their Chardonnays are the realization of that potential, and it all begins with La Combe Verte. You know we've loved previous vintages, and I won't get into "bests," but the 2018 is the grown-up in the room, excelling not just because of its value but because it's freaking fantastic. Beautifully generous fruit, complexity and structure, you get it all. Now, time to get it. - Marcus

This is Eola-Amity Hills: the fruit profile, the savory spice threads, the way it makes you salivate. The push-pull of all its elements creates a harmonious energy. Too woo-woo for you? Then know you're drinking the chosen blend of Seven Springs, Sojourner, X Novo, and winery neighbor Lewman from what will very soon be known as the awesome 2018 vintage. - Marcus

There's a quantifiable Gamay movement in Oregon -- a race to plant more, a festival to celebrate past, present and future, a slew of new micro-production bottlings -- you could almost call it Gamay fever. We're not sure it will reach much further than the borders of our fair state but if you want to taste the effusive enthusiasm for yourself, look no further. This smells great and has so much crunchy, snappy, saline Gamay energy that it's surprising the cork can stay in the bottle. And with food, like the insanely tasty Hat Yai fried chicken served at Walter Scott's open house last Saturday, oh yeah! Feel the fever. - Marcus