Urgent Syrah Bargain!

It's late in the evening for a wine blast, but urgency dictates we act now.

You know that we're huge on bargains. Holy cow have we found one! This Syrah, from Walla Walla Superstar Reynvaan, is made from the same estate vineyards (In The Rocks and Foothills In The Sun) and made in the same way. But it's 1/3 the price of the Reynvaan namesake Syrahs. That's the kind of bargain that's not up for debate!

We have a limited window on this, as we expect the winery to blow through their production in a flash. The wine will arrive in a couple weeks but we have to lock in our stash by Friday.

But how is it? Classic Walla Walla, classic Reynvaan. It's rich with an almost decadent texture (the kind that typically comes only with $$$), plus a stellar combo of dark cherry, olive tapenade, espresso, and a splash of spice. Reynvaan's 2016, $80-ish Syrahs got great, even huge reviews from multiple critics; this juice reminds me a lot of those wines. - Marcus  

Available for shipping/pick up the week of Halloween.