Unique values from Common Values: Evesham and Cameron

There are two Willamette Valley Pinots that exist only because of the ethos of the wineries that grow and make them. They are estate grown, from established and old vines, organically farmed; the wineries have decades of vintages between them. Other wineries would charge more for these two wines because, frankly, they could. To have access to Pinots like this at such modest prices is a true Pinot gift we're thankful for.  

The Pinots are Evesham Wood La Grive Bleue and Cameron Dundee Hills (which we wrote about over the weekend). The common values of Evesham and Cameron makes these monetary values a reality. You must try them. 

Evesham Wood La Grive Bleue Pinot noir 2017
$25.15 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($27.95 regular) 

A sublime wine of quiet authority. We've now tasted this a half-dozen times and each time, we're completely enthralled. What makes the 2017 so special is its paradox of weight and weightlessness, that magical ah-hah that Pinot noir is uniquely equipped to deliver. Always, always one of our favorite Pinots at any price, an interesting note is how excited winemaker Erin Nuccio is about the '17. That classic Evesham nose of cherries and rosemary blossoms, so perfectly marrying sweet and savory. 
La Grive Bleue is the northern block of Evesham's estate, certified organic and now over 20 years old. Always tiny production, it only leaves Oregon by way of a FedEx or UPS truck, so let us help secure your stash.

Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot noir 2017
$26.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($29.95 regular) 
Hands-down the best Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot noir, ever. No joke, no exaggeration. 
From old vines in Abbey Ridge (70%) and Clos Electrique (30%) Vineyards, Cameron's two crown jewels, it shows complexities and subtleties that don't normally exist in sub-$30 Pinot because most wines in this price range don't have this pedigree. So much beautiful Abbey Ridge character -- especially raspberries and lavender -- it's pure silk from beginning to end. Add black cherries, soft rose, and a hint of Clos Electrique smoky minerality near the finish and voila, a masterpiece. Drink it now or anytime over the coming 8-10 years. a refreshing 12.6% alcohol. The most important point: add a case to your stash!  

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