Two World Class Chardonnays for You

Happy Friday Chardonnay fans,

Here are two gorgeous Chardonnays from two of the leading voices in American Chard: Lingua Franca and Morgen Long. First up, the brand new Estate Chardy from Lingua Franca -- an absolute can't-miss. And a reprise for Seth Morgen Long's Sandi Chardonnay, which we recently re-tasted and is showing even more beautifully now than at release. Each wine and winery are world-class in quality and character. We highly recommend them!

Smells mouthwatering, tastes mouthwatering! Our kind of Chard: lemony heaven, from fresh to custard creme, with the ideal balance of richness and brilliant precision. Sophisticated accents of chamomile and pristine-glacial-stream-over-rock (esoteric, but if you hike in Oregon, it's one of those unmistakable parts of life you can't live without). 

Half of Lingua Franca's Estate Chardonnay vineyard is planted to cuttings from vines found in the Montrachet vineyard, the source of the world's most famous Chardonnay (and really, white wine). - Marcus

I re-tasted this recently and it's even more fabulous than I remember. A wonderfully complete wine with a beautiful interplay of honeyed and fresh. Meyer lemon, marzipan, white floral notes, creamy and superbly long and silky with depth and a cardamon cream note woven through its fabric. Tension and energy in the best ways. Mostly Seven Springs, with Loubejac and Yamhill Vineyards. - Marcus

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