Two Blink-and-They're-Gone Chardonnays

It's the middle of winter, from the frozen tundra of Green Bay to the icy streets of Portland, but we are all about Chardonnay anyway!

That's because two blink-and-they're-gone Oregon Chardonnays land this week: Crowley Willamette Valley '15 and Cameron Reserve Dundee Hills '14. Two of Oregon's finest Chardonnay vintners, two outstanding values, two imminently drinkable wines. The catch? With a little over 300 cases total production combined, you have to pounce.    

Crowley Chardonnay Willamette Valley 2015

$22.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($24.95 regular) 

Fantastic value in Chardonnay, from Oregon or anywhere else for that matter, year after year. As Crowley has written, this wine satisfies the analytical and the casual Chardonnay drinker. Excellent freshness and texture, opening with fresh citrus, anise, and mineral then bursting with lime and white peach through the finish. Entirely from the old vine Four Winds vineyard (planted in 1993), predominantly from the Wente clone of Chardonnay with a little Dijon clone. Very limited -- only 169 cases were made -- with a small fraction of those available. 

Cameron Reserve Dundee Hills Chardonnay 2014

$33.25 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($36.95 regular) 

Andy and I have worked to come up with a description that doesn't involve expletives and well, we've fallen short. It's really [fill in the blank] good. The best two barrels of Abbey Ridge, since none was bottled in 2014, blended with three barrels of Clos Electrique (Cameron's estate vineyard) equals one wine of outstanding character and more importantly, drinkability. A mere 140 cases were made and while Cameron's winemaker/owner John Paul thinks that'll last a couple months, we're thinking this stuff is going to fly. Highly recommended!