Trust Me: Ayoub 2016

Mo Ayoub is proud of his wines and he's not shy in telling you. If we made wines as good as his, we'd feel the same way.

Instead, we're here to emphatically recommend Ayoub's 2016 Estate Pinot noir, of which there are only 20 cases remaining. It follows in the footsteps of each of his previous releases, delivering silk in a bottle. The 2016 is not to be missed. To quote Mo, trust me.  
Ayoub Estate Pinot noir 2016
$58.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($64.95 regular) 
When you ask us to describe Ayoub's Estate Pinot in one word, it is an easy choice: silk. It's the texture and the way the wine moves. Opening  with a beautiful perfume of fresh red and black fruits, it blossoms from first sip, enveloping you in silky red-fruited bliss before moving effortlessly deeper, an incoming tide carrying with it sweet orange and nutmeg. Understated power swells through the finish, creating a sense of completeness.  
Having tasted each and every vintage of Ayoub Pinot noir, I am fully confident this is another exceptional wine. Trust me. - Marcus
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Marcus and Andy