Transcendent Brut Rose: Lundeen's Underrated Brilliance

After a recent visit and tasting, I am convinced: Michael Lundeen is the most underrated winemaker in Oregon.

It's not his Pinot noirs and Chardonnays that tipped the scales, though they are exceptional and nearly equal in their underrated status. It is Lundeen's sparkling wines—they are transcendent. I mean that in two ways: firstly they are utterly magnificent. Secondly, they are so sublime that they transcend the conversation of what they are not (Champagne).

I submit to you, all lovers of things that sparkle, the newest and most compelling evidence yet of Lundeen's brilliance: his tiny batch of Willamette Valley Brut Rose 4-year en tirage. It is light-years the best Willamette Valley Brut Rose I've tasted and you are unlikely to hear or read about it anywhere else. Thank goodness for the underrated nature of it so that we can have more to ourselves. If you enjoy Brut Rose you should absolutely have this in your fridge.

$44.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($49.95 regular)

Simply jaw-dropping, impossible not to pour yourself another glass, impossible not to crush the bottle. Fresh raspberries and strawberries (I know, they are popping in our garden right now), bright citrus and lemon blossoms, the luxurious richness of extended bottle aging combine with the finer, softer bubbles.

If you want to ask my "yeah but how does it stack up to Champagne?" you're welcome to. I'm a Champagne fanatic and this so easily won me over it's not even a discussion. It is a remarkable value in Brut Rose from anywhere, given this level of attention and aging.