Totally Crazy: Reverdito Barolo is Here!

We've already beat the Reverdito Barolo 2016 drum loudly...but that was before we tasted it! After a brief shipping/trucking delay, it arrived Friday and we immediately cracked a bottle. Normally we wouldn't dream of doing that–a trip across the ocean, loading and unloading usually makes for an awkward showing. But we just couldn't wait.

It was hard to imagine the Reverdito '16 living up to our expectations–after all, we already called it THE Barolo deal of the epic 2016 vintage. But to exceed them? Totally crazy. As we read the 2016 Barolo reviews in Wine Spectator Insider today, where the median price was well over $100, we were struck (again) by the jaw-dropping value that Reverdito Barolo delivers.

In case you've missed one of our previous offers, consider this your reminder. Deals this nuts from vintages this legendary are rare and we all have to load up while we can!

It is the rich texture that makes this so inviting already...welcome to 2016. Set aside your notions of Barolo that you have to sit on for a decade–that's simply not the case with the sumptuous, silky fruit of 2016 Reverdito Barolo. Sure, there's tannin there–it's Barolo–but with a meal this is just right.

Reverdito Barolo has always been a great value but the new vintages (beginning in 2015) are steps above all of their predecessors, particularly in silkiness and elegance. It makes senseDante Scaglione, who spent 15 years as head oenologist for Bruno Giacosa, one of Piedmont's legendary producers, became the consultant for Reverdito in 2015. His influence is clearly felt through an overall refined elegance, evolving from "yeah, it's good for the price" to "yeah, it's good!"

In past vintages I've advised decanting for early drinking but at this price? You can do whatever you want! Buy some for now and some for later–why drink basic Nebbiolo while you wait for your Barolo to age when you can drink Barolo?!