The Way Oregon Pinot Was Meant To Be

There are few things we're certain of right now, but here's one of them: Evesham Wood is our favorite Oregon winery. Their style, diverse offerings, unparalleled value, and just plain ol' deliciousness makes Evesham Wood the Oregon winery that we buy and drink the most. And you, our wise customers, get it.

Still, for all our mutual Evesham-love, the winery doesn't get the worldwide recognition it deserves. As The Prince of Pinot summed up perfectly, "I can’t think of another Willamette Valley producer of Pinot noir with a long record that is so under-appreciated yet out-performs a majority of other comparable wineries." Amen!

The Prince's recent PinotFile newsletter features Evesham Wood, with glowing reviews. We've picked three favorites, each with 94 points and our 100% endorsement. The prices, especially our extra-nudge discount on Sojeau, make these irresistible!

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$29.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($35.95 regular)

94 points PinotFile: "Spellbinding aromas of red and black raspberry and exotic spices. A charge of delicious dark red cherry and raspberry fruit flavors that show exceptional purity. Mid weight plus in style, with felty tannins balancing the expressive fruit. Very giving, with an uncommonly generous finish. This wine stands out from the pack. Note: I have found Sojourner Vineyard designated Pinot Noir offered by a number of producers to be consistently outstanding so this is a vineyard to hang your hat on."

Us: Oh this is just beautiful! Everything we love in Pinot. Soaring aromas, scrumptious red fruit, floral, and mineral elements weave together to wrap you up in a silky Pinot blanket. It's really hard to have only one glass of and at this price, why try?!

$32.35 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($35.95 regular)

94 points PinotFile: "Aromas of purple and black berries arrive slowly over time in the glass. Intensely fruity in a mid weight style with plenty of black cherry and blackberry fruit goodness. More rugged and closed initially in comparison to the other Evesham Wood 2017 Pinot Noirs, but when sampled several hours after opening, the wine had become more cohesive with a seductively satiny mouthfeel. The sturdy but not muscular tannic frame is typical of this vineyard. A very individualistic and distinctive wine of uncommon pedigree that reflects its old vine heritage."

Us: One of the Willamette Valley's most distinctive vineyards is also one of our clear favorites. Super savory, with a beautiful core of bright and dark red fruits accented by classic Temperance Hill cedar, pink peppercorns, and fresh tobacco. An excellent wine that truly represents its origin.

Evesham Wood Cuvee J Pinot noir 2017
$49.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order
($54.95 regular)

94 points PinotFile: "The array of aromas include cherry compote, dried herbs, damp earth and a whiff of teasing oak. This charming wine delights with lavish flavors of black cherry, boysenberry, spice, dried herbs including sage and mushroom. This impeccably balanced wine has a silken texture and a hi-collared demeanor on the palate. The finish is flat-out extravagant. As good as the wine is now, it will definitely benefit from more time in bottle at which time it deserves to be the centerpiece of a celebration."

Us: One of a literal handful of Oregon Pinots to buy every single vintage. If you like multidimensional, sensual, dynamic Willamette Valley Pinot noir, this wine is for you. So incredibly enticing—as is classic J, a near-mythical pairing of density and levity that tugs equally at the cerebral and the pleasure-bent parts of the brain. Each time I have another sip I'm spellbound. Like the best Js, and I'd argue, the best Pinots from anywhere, it's the perfect partnership of bright and dark, cool and sweet. Whereas I typically encourage patience with newly-released J, the '17 begins so sultry that it's impossible to resist now and yet, as it opens up with air, every year of age-worthiness is evident. Should you choose to open one tonight, you'll love it; in five or ten years, the same or more.

Winemaker Erin Nuccio, who is never prone to boasting about about his wines, had wide eyes and a big smile when he told us how exceptional the ’17 J is. We agree with him: it is a whole other realm within the Evesham line-up. Cuvee J is the most textural, elegant, age-worthy six barrels of the vintage from Evesham's organically farmed Le Puits Sec vineyard. It is a wine so exceptional that it should be allocated to the bottle. We're so grateful that it isn't. - Marcus