The Original Oregon Pinot

We sell hundreds of Oregon Pinots throughout a given year. Only one is the original.

Some wines speak to the past, some are here and now, others offer glimpses at how the Willamette Valley might evolve. Only one bottle encompasses it all: storied past, delicious present, thrilling future. Eyrie's Original Vines. Essential Oregon Pinot noir.

Eyrie Original Vines Pinot noir 2013
$67.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order

($74.95 regular) 

Original vines, as in the first Pinot noir vines planted in the Willamette Valley. 

The historical significance of Original Vines cannot be understated. From the original Pinot noir vines planted in Eyrie's pioneering Dundee Hills estate vineyard, founded in 1966. The vines make wine of tremendous character, ineffable finesse, and superior elegance. No other Oregon wine smells like Eyrie's Original Vines. Raspberry, crushed rose, pine, pepper, sexy musk, a citrus top note -- the most exquisite perfume. The flavors convey delicacy with supple red fruits and blood orange accents, deftly adding black tea and mineral as the finish pulses with Pinot noir sweetness. If you want a truly collectible bottle of Oregon Pinot noir, look no further. While thoroughly captivating when opened now and tasted throughout the course of a day, I recommend cellaring for a few years and up to 20...or beyond.

Three critics with discerning and disparate palates have weighed in: 94 from Wine Enthusiast, 93 from Vinous, and 92 from Wine Advocate. We taste more Oregon Pinot than all of them and think it's exceptional. - Marcus

Eyrie South Block Reserve Pinot noir 2013 - call or email to order.
$161.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($179.95 regular) 

It's nearly impossible to capture the importance of Eyrie's South Block. One ten-row section of Eyrie's original plantings, with unique soils, exposure and microclimate, was recognized early by founder David Lett and bottled separately as South Block. In 1979, Eyrie's 1975 South Block was entered into an international wine tasting in Paris; it finished third, above storied Burgundian Grand Crus. Shocked and displeased with the results, the French staged a similar competition the following year. Eyrie's '75 South Block finished second, again besting epic Grand Cru Burgundies. The world was on notice: Oregon could produce truly world-class Pinot noir. 

Interestingly, David stopped selling South Block shortly thereafter, yet continued to bottle it through 2007, the year before he passed away. 2007 was thought to be the final vintage for South Block but David's son, Jason, decided to revive the South Block bottling in 2013 because he believes there are only ten or so years before it succumbs to phylloxera. It is a tremendous tribute to David Lett and as such, bears his signature.

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