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Arterberry Maresh Dundee Hills Chard 2018: Get To Know Jim

For all the praise that's been rightly heaped on Jim Arterberry Maresh's Pinots, he's a Chardonnay fanatic to the core and his Maresh Vineyard Chard is the flagship wine in his line-up. We've said it for a decade and we'll say it again: if you don't know his Chardonnay, you don't know Jim.

And damn if he hasn't made it incredibly easy with his brand new Dundee Hills Chardonnay 2018it's a steal. But don't stop there. His '18 Maresh flagship is a jaw-dropper and making its debut in 2018, the single barrel of Chard from The Eyrie Vineyards' legendary 50 year-old vines. Get to know Jim!

Arterberry Maresh Dundee Hills Chardonnay 2018
$18.85 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($20.95 regular)

Welcome to the newest, greatest value in Willamette Valley Chardonnay. This is a stunningscratch thatstaggering bargain: a Maresh vineyard foundation and one of truest winemaking talents in Oregon, for well under $20. I've tasted every Arterberry Maresh Chard ever made so I know what to expect but frankly, even I didn't expect this to be so good for the price.

Wonderful yellow fruit, subtle white flowers and mineral dance together with a refreshing and gentle-breezy feel to it. Persisting yet finishing cleanly, I could drink it all day. All of our Chardonnay fans need a case. A blend of 60% Maresh and 40% Dux Vineyards.

Arterberry Maresh Maresh Vineyard Chardonnay 2018
$62.05 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($68.95 regular)

For all the value in the Dundee Hills Chard, can this be 3X the wine? Yes, it can and is. Complexity and nuance, power and weight, I've had it open three days and it's still unfurling new directions and dynamics. This thing has volume. Since the start (and for the record, Chardonnay was the start for Arterberry Maresh) this has been the wine Jim is most proud of, his masterpiece. From the Wente clone vines planted while Jim's mom was carrying him, in 1983.

$62.05 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($68.95 regular)

In 2018 Jim Maresh was honored to receive enough Chardonnay from the legendary original vines of The Eyrie Vineyard to make 1 barrel. Two words: understated brilliance. With so, so little made you won't get too many more words from us.

50 year-old Dundee Hills Draper Selection Chardonnay vines. A subtle and complex nose of crushed rock, tarragon, star fruit, applewood smoke and pacific ocean. Light to medium body. Refreshing and highly restrained for the vintage. Weightless yellow fruits, green apple, salted lime and loads of minerality with a peach scone barrel note on the long tension filled finish. Distinctive Oregon Chardonnay planted by Diana and David Lett in 1968. 

And don't forget the Pinots!

$24.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($27.95 regular)

The best Dundee Hills bottling Jim has done in years. In fact, he and I were comparing notes and both of us think it's the best Dundee Hills Pinot since 2008. I took a couple more sips and I'm ready to proclaim it as the best Arterberry Maresh Dundee Hills Pinot of all time! It has the fruit intensity and substance of a warmer vintage plus the purity and elegance of a cooler vintage. In Goldilocks terms, this is just right. I've had it open three days and it is drinking absolutely perfectly right now–I'm not ashamed to say that I'm drinking a glass of it right now as I'm writing this and when I'm done, I'll pour myself another. 

It spent a full 18 months in (neutral) barrel because Jim felt like it needed it. Whether or not it did, it's impossible to taste it without noticing the extended aging having worked its magic in the texture, the feel of it.

The 2018 sports serious old vine pedigree: 55% Maresh plus 25% Dux and 20% Anderson Family vineyards.

$62.05 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($68.95 regular)

Everything red that I love, melded together in the most heavenly perfume. It expresses the pure beauty of Pinot noir: old vines, picked at the perfect time, treated the right way, unobscured by new oak, wonderfully balanced in its unstoppable fruit and elegant, buoyant freshness. As Jim Maresh has said many times, this exquisite, old vine fruit needs no makeup. It glows like a red sun over the Dundee Hills. From Jim's most prized blocks of Maresh Vineyardthe fifth oldest in the Willamette Valley. - Marcus

95 points Wine Advocate: "I'm really happy with this wine," Jim Maresh says. "It's one of the earliest-drinking vintages of the Maresh vineyard I've ever made. I like it better than the 2016, although the 2016 will age longer without a doubt. The 2017 is a bit more tender and succulent." The 2017 Pinot Noir Maresh Vineyard is a delicate wine without losing any intensity, scented of fresh tobacco leaves, underbrush, potpourri, peppercorn, citrus peel and saline with a core of cranberries and wild blackberries plus touches of dusty earth and crushed stone. It blossoms unexpectedly in the mouth, medium-bodied, concentrated, spicy and fresh, softly framed with a long, layered finish. A lovely wine."

$39.55 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($43.95 regular)

A blend of Maresh (~70%) and Weber (~30%) Vineyards, sporting an average vine age of 42 (that's forty two) years, 2017 Old Vines is perfumed and heavenly–it's the kind of wine we love to drink. Exquisitely fresh and silky, we find it totally irresistible. Weighing in at only 12.8% alcohol, it is delightfully buoyant. Classically Dundee Hills, it is pure red-fruited elegance. A slightly cooler vintage meant that Maresh was picked in October and any time that vineyard is picked in October, we start getting excited. Jim is really happy and really proud of this wine. And he damn well should be.

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