The Morgen Long Chardonnay Phenomenon

Seth Morgen Long’s Chardonnays have become a phenomenon. In a handful of vintages, the evolution from "who's this guy making only Chard?" to "this guy may have the best lineup of New World Chardonnay" has been astronomical. We are deeply grateful to partner with Seth and today, we’re honored to be the first to offer his new releases. Welcome to Morgen Long 2020 Chardonnay!

Seth's singular path of Willamette Valley Chardonnay has fully come to fruition; he's flexed his winemaking and international Chardonnay intellect at precisely the right moment. Talking with Seth and tasting these wines from barrel to tank to bottle, we’ve come to a new level of respect for his winemaking.

A critical piece of info for this offer: we are clearly not alone in our esteem for Morgen Long Chards—part of the phenomenon we mention above is that the Chard-loving world has majorly caught on to the Morgen Long wines. Majorly. We get calls and requests for the wines months after they are sold out/months before release and Seth’s mailing list continues to see exponential growth. This intense demand and tiny supply means it’s time to get the show rolling.

Most of our Chardonnay followers know exactly what to do at this point: grab a 6-pack sampler and fill in with other favorites. For the uninitiated: if you enjoy elegant and expressive Chardonnay, you have to try Morgen Long Chards. Get yours now!

$390 - save 10% on the 6-pack sampler

One bottle each:
Marine 2020
Willamette Valley 2020
Seven Springs Vineyard Grey Label 2020
Durant Vineyard 2020
X Omni Vineyard 2020
The Eyrie Vineyard 2020

$26.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($29.95 regular)

Seth: Decorous but eager scents of salted green mango, honeydew, with notes of jasmine tea and wet, briny minerals. Coiled with bright acidity, salty citrus flavors and chalky texture finish with precision and verve.

Us: An exceptional value which we're fortunate to have in the lineup. Mouthwatering citrus, fresh sea air, exceptional character for the price. It is also super-limited: only 92 cases made.

$35.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($39.95 regular)

Seth: Delicate, vivid aromatics of pink grapefruit, key lime, Asian pear, lemon balm, pine sap and crushed rocks. Austere green citrus flavors are steely smooth with wet mineral flourishes, delicate and electric.

Us: We call this "the ambassador" because it both represents the Morgen Long style and serves as a representative of the best elements of Willamette Valley Chard. This year's blend is 15% Durant, 25% X Omni, and 59% Yamhill vineyards. It's fabulous!

$58.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($64.95 regular)

Seth: Generous and striking aromas of white nectarine, peach pit, ginger, lemon waffle, and wet, musky minerals. Densely packed and layered flavors, a chalky texture and energetic acidity gives the wine dimension as it finishes long with notes of citrus, stone fruit and sandalwood.

Us: We love Seth's Durant-based Chards and this is another absolute winner, showing beautiful volume and texture coursing with the energy Seth mentions above. We recently finished the bottle after it was open for a week, on the counter, and marveled at its freshness.

$84.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($94.95 regular)

Seth: Profoundly complex aromas of ginger, lemongrass, lemon curd, orange oil, almond pastry with hints of acacia, mint, lime leaf, and green mango. Bright acidity, silken texture, and sleek flavors smoothed by a subtle and exceptional white oak spice, finishing long with power and elegance with notes of nectarine, apricot and ginger.

Us: Seth loves this wine and so do we. It's like a magical Chardonnay balloon that bursts in your mouth—a waterfall of wonderful, plump fruit cascades and all sorts of exotic accents shimmer.

$71.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($79.95 regular)

Seth: Brilliant aromas are faintly flinty but bursting with lime curd, lemon oil, quinine, spearmint, white peach and ginger. Tensile, juicy and crisp, there is saline, stony minerality stretching out long with fine texture and a lingering finish of mixed citrus, green tea and a hint of evergreen.

Us: One of the clear standouts of the 2020 lineup. It could be the succulent fruit, the savory elements, the overall seductiveness...actually it's all that and more.

$112.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($124.95 regular)

Seth: Bursting with rich, regal scents, aromas of brûlèed ginger, mandarin honey, Meyer lemon curd and layered with hazelnut butter, chestnut paste, cereal dust with a flourishing of oolong. Golden, savory and sweet flavors are studded with brilliant acidity and a sweeping, seamless texture is both dense and weightless, stretching out long.

Us: A profound wine, chiseled from a legendary block of 1968-planted Chardonnay gold worthy of a museum. Extremely limited, only 28 cases bottled. Seth's wine of the vintage.

More about Seth Morgen Long (pictured!):
How and why does a young guy decide to produce exclusively Willamette Valley Chardonnay? 

Seth is an inquisitive student of Burgundy and of the Willamette Valley. He's spent months in Meursault and vintages in some of the best Willamette Valley Chardonnay producers' cellars.

We asked him exactly the question above, to which he answered: "I'm singular in my focus on Willamette Valley Chardonnay because I love Chardonnay, and I get that when you love what you do, something extra is more likely to come through. I see Chardonnay as a chameleon, dynamic, nuanced, multidimensional. It is capable of being grown widely and fashioned in just as many ways. And maybe this is why profound Chardonnay is all the more exciting. Chardonnay can clearly reflect where the vines grow, and how the wine is made. I appreciate that Chardonnay is greatly valued around the world, and has tremendous historical relevance and that it also feels very much at home in the soils and microclimates of the Willamette Valley."