The Last Drop: Major "Insider" Pinot Bargain

We never expected to get more of this. We have YOU and your support to thank for the fact that we do! We made quite a splash and sold so much, so quicklymuch of it through re-ordersthat we've been offered one last stash of this major "insider" Pinot bargain. The bulk of this Pinot is seriously high-end juice from a winery which can't be named (legally). It tastes expensive. I recognized it immediately by the texture and feel, which are decidedly NOT $20. But the price is and that's all that matters!

We're getting comments like "this really IS good" followed by case re-orders. Don't miss out on the last small drop!

$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($22.00 regular)

An unusual lusciousness and length for a $20 Oregon Pinot, with creamy red fruits and a wonderfully silky, mouth-caressing feel balanced by lively freshness. Tasted twice with the same impression: tastes expensive, period. - Marcus