The Gold Stays with Cameron

There are worthy contenders.* Certain vintages, the title is at risk. But after a decade of dominance and a brand new release that's every bit as jaw-dropping, Cameron again emerges with the gold. Chardonnay gold.

Consistently the best value American Chardonnay.

That Cameron makes this wine for this give-away price is a testament to what is right in Oregon wine. From some of Oregon's oldest vines, in the jewel that is Abbey Ridge Vineyard, which further elevates this as an untouchable bargain. The 2018 is another gorgeous bottle of gold, delivering beautiful pear, white peach, and lemon curd which feel simultaneously fresh and rich. It's a joy to sip and rocks with halibut.

*Brick House, Goodfellow, Haden Fig, , Morgen Long, Twill -- all are entirely worthy contenders.

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Marcus and Andy