The Country's Best Value Chardonnay...Got Better

We were tasting, drinking, and selling Oregon Chardonnay way before it was cool; we have a deep pool of experience and no shortage of informed opinion. Last year, we issued this weighty pronouncement: Cameron's Dundee Hills Chardonnay is Oregon's, and the country's, best value Chardonnay. And after tasting the 2017, we feel even more certain. 
That we have access to this wine at a give-away price is a testament to what is right in Oregon wine. Fans of Chardonnay, do not miss it.  

$17.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order
($19.95 regular
The 2017 raises the bar of quality on this wine -- as if that is possible?! -- delivering beautiful pear and lemon curd which feel oh so silky and voluminous. Superbly balanced, refreshing, simply extraordinary. Primarily 35 year-old Abbey Ridge 108 clone, with a splash of Clos Electrique. John and Tom, you've outdone yourselves. - Marcus

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Marcus & Andy