The Best L'Orage and Boss Block, Ever: Sheridan 2015s

You trust us to tell you when wines rise above, when they are truly epic. We take that very seriously. So when we advised you last year that Sheridan L'Orage was amazing, you believed us.

You need to trust us again. Based on our tastings and experience, Sheridan's 2015 vintage is the best that has ever come from their cellar. We can't downplay it; you wouldn't want us to. 

We had an inkling after tasting Sheridan's Mystique and Cab 2015. They were heads, shoulders, and heads above any previous releases (and their equally priced peers, we might add). Then we tasted 2015 L'Orage and Boss Block. There was silence, then raised eyebrows, then truth: the best L'Orage and Boss Block, ever. And yes, better than the mind-boggling 2014s. 

Officially released March 1
, we're kicking off the pre-sale today to make sure everyone gets the quantities they want. Both are recommended more highly than we can express in writing.

Sheridan Vineyard L'Orage Cabernet Sauvingon 2015
$53.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($59.95 regular) 
Silky and seductive layers of black and red fruits, purple flowers, this is a wine that bounds with energy. When I think L'Orage I think velvet, which rolls from moment one through the awesome finish of mocha, sweet tobacco and licorice. Irresistible at this early stage and supremely age-worthy -- I don't thing you can go wrong with either choice. Never has L'Orage been so refined and so texturally brilliant. If it doesn't receive a massive score, the critics need to be fired! - Marcus

Sheridan Vineyard Boss Block 2015
$49.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($54.95 regular) 
The highest rated Cabernet Franc from Washington...yet somehow it's still a challenge to convince people to try it. Last year it out-scored L'Orage. Read that again: it outscored L'Orage. It could happen again. For almost 10 years I've written about how Boss Block has transcended Cab Franc to become a purely gorgeous red wine which encompasses the best attributes of the variety while being so universally appealing. - Marcus
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