The Best Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot Ever

We planned to give you a break from our wine offers this weekend but when John Paul walked in the door and poured us hands-down the best Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot noir ever, what were we to do?!

No joke, no exaggeration, the 2017 Cameron Dundee Hills is the best vintage we've ever tasted of this wine. What has always been an easy choice just became a no-brainer case-buy. To have access to a wine like this at such a modest price is a true gift to Pinot noir lovers. Proceed directly to ordering -- you will thank us and thank Cameron.
Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot noir 2017
$26.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($29.95 regular) 
The stuff of legends. From old vines in Abbey Ridge (70%) and Clos Electrique (30%) Vineyards, Cameron's two crown jewels, it shows complexities and subtleties that don't normally exist in sub-$30 Pinot because most wines in this price range don't have this pedigree. So much beautiful Abbey Ridge character -- especially raspberries and lavender -- it's pure silk from beginning to end. Add black cherries, soft rose, and a hint of Clos Electrique smoky minerality near the finish and voila, a masterpiece. Drink it now or anytime over the coming 8-10 years. The most important point: add a case to your stash! at right: Linus, 2017 Dundee Hills, and John Paul of Cameron 

Thank you, John and Tom, for bottling the best vintage ever of Dundee Hills Pinot noir. 

We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thanks for your support and enjoy your weekend!

Marcus and Andy