The Best $25 Pinot You Can Buy

Last year, we tried to get cute with the words describing the outsized, headscratching value that is Evesham Wood's La Grive Bleue Pinot noir. This year let's be clear: 2019 La Grive Bleue is the best Pinot noir you can buy for $25.

We've tasted an ocean of Pinot through the years. La Grive Bleue is the real deal and the 2019 is our favoritethe bestvintage yet.

It's the epitome of elegance and heavenly aromatics but even more, it's the caressingly silky pillow of Pinot fruit you feel with each sip. It's so fun to drink. And it's only going to get better. We knowwe left the first bottle we had open for 8 days. 8. Even after all that time it wasn't just drinkable, it was delicious.

In the name of science, to make sure our initial impression wasn't a fluke, we opened a 2nd bottle. Opinion confirmed. Then a 3rd. Same.

To preempt the questions of "but is it better than ______?" Yes. It is. And is it worth more than $25? Absolutely.

Made from estate grown, certified organic vines that are over 20 years-old. There were only 125 cases made. 5 barrels total. Race to get it.

$24.99 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($27.99 regular)

Not one single Willamette Valley winery can match Evesham Wood's breadth of value: three decades of amazing wines and yet not a single one, ever, above $55.

La Grive Bleue is always one of our favorite Pinots in a vintage, at any price, yet somehow the 2019 elevates. Airs. The 2019 is so beautiful and vibrant yet with surprising weight.

The northern block of Evesham Wood's estate, certified organic and now over 20 years old, La Grive Bleue is always tiny in production. Book yours today!