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You rely on our relationships and expertise to discover the special wines you won't find, or even read about, elsewhere. It's what we do. We're more than just another wine shop. We collaborate with wineries who inspire us, we help launch and promote their wines because we believe in them, and vice versa.

These two wines and wineries epitomize that sense of discovery and inspiration, delivering two magnificent, micro-production Pinot noirs as authentic and genuine as the winemakers who made them: Anneka Miller's Burton Bittman and Julia Bailey's Loop de Loop.  

Burton Bittman Tukwilla Vineyard Pinot noir 2015

$26.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($29.95 regular) 
Expressive and utterly delicious, we love it already. Jumping from the glass with black cherry, sandalwood, and delicate rose, it is supple and lively, adding to the delectable mix of cherries hints of dried thyme, brown spice, and candied orange. Classy and elegant, with the ability to age purely on its balance. A November/December Reserve Pinot Noir Club selection. Only 75 cases made. - Marcus 

Burton Bittman wines represent and honor multiple generations; they speak of the deep familial relationship Anneka holds with the vines she grew up around. With advice from Papa Pinot -- Eyrie founder David Lett -- Anneka's parents planted a vineyard in Dundee in 1990, adjacent to Eyrie's Sisters Vineyard. The proximity and family connection to Eyrie would prove fortuitous; it was Eyrie's Jason Lett who nudged Anneka to produce her first wine in 2010 and who mentored her for the next handful of vintages. After a year in Burgundy interning at Domaine Pavelot and earning a wine and viticulture degree (in French!), she returned home in time for the 2014 Oregon harvest.
It's been a big year for Anneka; she moved in to a new place high in the Dundee Hills, juggling her winemaking activities with farming, home repairs, and her day job (for several years) as Office Manager and Event Coordinator for the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC).   

Loop de Loop Four Winds Vineyard Reserve Pinot noir 2016

$35.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($39.95 regular) 
Loop de Loop's "regular" Four Winds Pinot was one of our favorite wines of the year. Now comes the Reserve, amplifying all the aspects we found so deeply invigorating. Additional barrel aging allowed for even greater complexity and aromatic splendor. Fresh red fruit essence sprinkled with orange zest, dried rose, savory-sweet herbs -- a heavenly melange of Pinot perfume. At first sleek and lithe, it blossoms to show a surprising density, the kind that will allow this to age for at least a decade. We spent a week with the bottle, savoring sips each day and remarking at the persistent freshness and energy that just wouldn't quit. A mere two barrels were held over to create 50 cases of this exquisite reserve. - Marcus

2018 has a been a break-out year for Julia Bailey's tiny-but-growing Loop de Loop label. By day, she represents one of the best Burgundy books. Much like the twists and turns of our own life paths, Julia had amazing experiences from which to draw and a circuitous route that led her to wine...and back again. Through restaurant work in the mid '90s, she met the likes of Matt Berson (Love & Squalor) and Marcus Goodfellow (Goodfellow Family Cellars). Her first wine industry gig was at Argyle, where she picked up increasing responsibility, including managing the tasting room, yet she yearned to work in the cellar. She was the first (the first!) employee at Patricia Green Cellars (except for Patty and Jim, of course). She left after two years, eventually settling back in Iowa where she grew up, pursuing a Master's in international relations while selling wine on the side. She lived abroad for five years, opening a restaurant, making garage wine -- there's much more to the story including a year in Thailand studying permaculture -- but Julia landed back in Oregon in 2011.
She worked a harvest for Love & Squalor and thought perhaps she'd enroll at UC Davis to study winemaking. Two of her friends and mentors dissuaded her, with Marcus Goodfellow encouraging her instead to learn how he learned: make wine, screw it up, and learn how to fix it. So she did, and Loop de Loop was born in 2012. We've so enjoyed getting to know Julia and we are convinced you'll enjoy her wines. They are as genuine as she.
We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

Marcus and Andy