Soon to be Mailing-List-Only: Devona

Great memories today...and new ones being forged. Remember the early vintages of Abeja Cab? I do, because they were some of my favorite wines of my first years at Avalon. The winemaker responsible: John Abbott. 

John left Abeja to found Devona, a super-exciting new project from both sides of the Columbia Gorge (Oregon and Washington). I'm fully expecting these wines to become "mailing list only" within a year or two, but let's load up while we can!

$39.55 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($43.95 regular)

Of course, of course John is making spectacular Cab, but somehow I'm still surprised at how great it is, especially for the price. Rich Cabernet goodness, expertly weaving together blackberry with chocolate-covered dark cherries. The pipe tobacco accents add a comforting touch. Super-solid delicious Cab, I expect this is going to become a staple Cab for us and for you.

$40.45 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($44.95 regular)

And maybe you remember the best vintages of Abeja Chardonnay? 
John's made a similar Chardonnay balancing two distinct sides/vineyards in Washington: Celilo in the western Columbia Gorge and Gamache in Columbia Valley. We loved the minerals dancing from the glass, with a great body of rich summer peach and pear. Beautifully crafted and balanced.