Save 17% On Sublime Single Vineyards

The 2017 single vineyard Pinots from Elk Cove are sublime. We tasted the line-up yesterday, chose our favorites and wrote our notes (below), and are so excited for you to add them to your stash that we've added quite the incentive: save 17% on our Elk Cove Single Vineyard Pinot Case!

We're always fans of Elk Cove's single vineyards but the '17s are a new level of silkiness and utter irresistability. Grab your favorites or the case -- whatever you do, do not miss them.

Save 17%!
$499.95 ($599.40 regular)

Save 17% on a single vineyard Pinot case from this pioneering producer!

3 bottles 2017 Elk Cove Clay Court Pinot noir
3 bottles 2017 Elk Cove Goodrich Pinot noir
3 bottles 2017 Elk Cove La Boheme Pinot noir
3 bottles 2017 Elk Cove Mount Richmond Pinot noir

$44.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($49.95 regular)

The best and most complete Goodrich we've tasted. Deep, inviting and super-complex aromas lead to dark red-fruited silk -- seriously, the silken, wonderfully weighty middle of this wine is dreamy. The intrigue continues with a lasting saline savoriness and vibrant brightness. - Marcus

$44.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($49.95 regular)

The most aromatically intense of the single vineyards, it's also mega-pretty with red and violet tones lifting right out of the glass and straight to your happy-making senses. The red and violet elements meld into flavors that become bolder, all while staying supple and silky, sexy and subtly spicy. - Marcus

$35.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($39.95 regular)

A luscious wine that remains true to Oregon Pinot, the '17 opens beautifully dark and mysterious at first, giving way to Oregon summer aromas of plums, blackberries, and pinches of lavender. The creamy textured palate oozes juicy black and blue fruits, dancing with dark cocoa highlights. Another superbly appealing Mount Richmond that is sure to impress nearly everyone who tastes it. - Marcus

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Marcus and Andy