Rambeaux: New From Dusky Goose, $36!

We've been with Dusky Goose since the very beginning and today we're brimming with excitement to announce a brand new sister in the Dusky family: Rambeaux.

Long our nickname for Dusky Goose's estate Rambouillet vineyard, Rambeaux (pronounced Rambo like the series of Stallone movies), combines two exquisite, estate vineyards--Rambouillet and Fennwood--into a Pinot that's wonderfully attractive and at $35.95, an excellent value. Each single vineyard Pinot from these respective sites sells for $100/bottle (see below).

There were only 183 cases made, a tiny production by any and all standards. Because of our--and your--loyal support for Dusky Goose we have first crack. We strongly encourage all Dusky fans (we know there are A LOT of you) to get your Rambeaux today!

$35.95 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($39.95 regular)

A classic Dusky Goose profile with an extra degree of instant charm. Opening with lovely aromas of raspberry and dried rose, it transitions to a silky mouthful of dark cherry accented by hints of clove. The finish--the whole wine--is sophisticated and smooth, exactly what we expect from Dusky Goose!

Brand new for 2020, Rambeaux is blended from Dusky's Rambouillet and Fennwood estate vineyards to be a vivacious, lively younger sister of Dusky Goose. Rambeaux’s striking label is a nod to the Rambouillet longhorn sheep raised by co-founder Linda Carter’s family for over 100 years in eastern Oregon. These sheep are also the namesake of Rambouillet vineyard, the location of Dusky's superlative tasting room.

Rambeaux, affectionately coined by winemaker Lynn Penner-Ash, originally comes from her shorthand when labeling barrels of wine from Rambouillet vineyard.

The other Geese, Rambeaux's big sisters!

$68.45 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($74.95 regular)

A robust and showy opening, yet undeniably elegant and pure Pinot. Dreamy, deep, dark dried cherries are joined by subtle black fruits, reverberating through the succulent, orange-tinged finish. And the feel? Like being wrapped in cashmere. As in typical Dusky fashion, the extra time in bottle has done wonders. The 2015 blend is comprised of 82% Rambouillet and 18% Lillie's Vineyard, which wrap around Dusky's exquisite tasting room.

$89.95 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($99.95 regular)

An awesome new wine within our Dusky Goose family, Fennwood is Dusky's estate vineyard in the Yamhill-Carlton district. The darkest Dusky Goose expression, concentrated black cherries and plump, peak-season black berries, balanced by great electricity. Savory threads and orange tea accent the long and sultry finish.

$89.95 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($99.95 regular)

An absolute powerhouse, from the winery's flagship estate vineyard, a tiny nine barrel blend. Stretching the rainbow brighter to include raspberry sauce and darker to cassis, this is the "hey, time to impress my friends" bottle you reach for.