Prepare to be Bowled Over (We Are!)

Short and sweet today because we're feeling a sense of urgency. It's twofold: we're seeing fewer truly excellent, artisan-made sub-$25 Willamette Valley Pinot noirs and sense that'll be a trend for the next couple years. And the one that's in our glass right now is truly excellent, not just because it's a mind-bending value but because it is bursting with flavor in an eye-popping way. We tasted a bottle last week that had been open for a day; it was shockingly good. But we needed to open a bottle ourselves to get the fresh perspective and know exactly what you'll experience when you open the first of your bottles. Prepare to be bowled overwe are!–and load up while you can.

$22.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($24.95 regular)

Only the second vintage of Shiba Wichern we've worked with, the 2018 Willamette Cuvee has an outsized spectrum of fruit, from red to blue to black, fanning out in both the aromatics and flavors. Grounded by delicious Pinot earth and electrified by an exciting streak of summer berry patch, it's more soulful and deep than we can reasonably expect for the price which makes it exactly our kind of wine.