Pounce! Be One of the Lucky Few: Manu Propria Cab

Fact: this Cabernet is one of Washington's best, regardless of price. Run to grab it.

Mike Macmorran, the winemaker for the Mark Ryan empire, quietly and humbly produces one of the best Washington Cabernets, period, from one of Washington's best vineyards, Red Willow, under his label Manu Propria. You won't see his name on a label. It doesn't matter. His winemaking mastery doesn't involve ego.

Despite years of praise from us, it remains virtually unknown and staggeringly underrated. It's all about quantity: an actual handful of barrels are produced each vintage (four in 2016). We've always felt that we should undersell it because of the limited supply but that's not who we are. The risk of selling out before making everyone happy is worth the reward of those with Manu Propria in their glass. Be one of the lucky few. Pounce!

Manu Propria Ex Animo Red Willow Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2016$39.55 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($43.95 regular)

So luscious and velvety smooth, unfurling its deliciously luxurious layers, building depth and intensity as it moves towards the finish. More dark red fruited at first, plunging darker through the finish with herbes de Provence, roasting coffee, and sweet tobacco accents.There's no need to delay gratification--I'm surprised at how open and showy it is--but I know it'll last for a good decade or more in the cellar. 

Manu Propria Ex Animo, from the Latin meaning "by my own hand, from the heart," is Mike's statement to honor and celebrate Red Willow Vineyard and the Sauers, a pioneering wine family who planted some of Washington's first Cabernet vines in 1973.