Personal Favorites: Hundred Suns

We try to be objective with the Oregon Pinots we taste but...we have a handful or two of personal favorites. When it comes to Hundred Suns, wife-husband duo Renee and Grant have made it easy. They are incredibly genuine people whose wines reflect it.

Today's feature reminds us of our first Hundred Suns offer in two interconnected ways: we are wildly enthusiastic to share the wines with you and yet reasonably concerned we won't be able to meet the demand we help create. The good news is there's plenty of Old Eight Cut and it's tremendous—one of the best values in the Valley. The less good is that Bednarik and Sequitur Vineyards are super-limited, so please (please) get your orders in today. We can't promise there'll be any left by tomorrow.

$27.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($29.95 regular)

Us: A tremendous value that has it all: great fruit, silky texture, depth and intrigue, wonderful balance. Oooooh yeah! This hits the nail on Grant's winemaking vision—creating a layered wine of great complexity that is, first and foremost, totally delicious! A blend of their home site Breaker plus Shea, Sequitur, and a secret neighboring Eola-Amity Hills vineyard they're fond of.

"By design, this wine evolves and changes in glass through a broad spectrum of nuanced characteristics. Opening notes of ripe cranberry and cherry give way to complexities of black licorice, black currant, dried sage, and freshly-tilled earth. The succulent fruit wraps around a framework of delicate tannins and mouth-watering acidity." - Grant

$48.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($53.95 regular)

Us: You're going to be glad you kept reading because we are in love with this wine and it's only listed second because it's (by our voracious standards) incredibly limited. Red cherries and berries are off-the-charts, blossoming in the glass with perfect accents of baking spice that highlight the gorgeous texture. As Grant said, this is so crushable right now but it has a lovely life ahead of it, too. Bednarik was the last fruit picked in 2019 and you know how the saying goes...

"With these cooler conditions, red loganberry and Rainier cherry take front stage, accompanied by delicate tannins and bright acid that will carry this wine for years to come." - Grant

$48.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($53.95 regular)

Us: And you better still be reading because if not, you'll miss out on another stellar Pinot, this time from Beaux Freres co-founder Mike Etzel's magically-farmed Sequitur Vineyard.

Sequitur paints in purple rainbows. Juicy and plush plums meet comforting spices, building great lift and brightness through the finish. Grant loves how this is going to age and while we agree, we love it for its deliciousness now. We're impatient Pinot drinkers, after all.

"A cool winter led into a warm spring. Consistent temperatures with low heat spikes and rapid cooling, coupled with plenty of showers in autumn, created the perfect combination for this warm site. Low yields and meticulous farming delivered perfectly ripe fruit bursting with flavor." - Grant