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Ovum's Transcendent Wines

Mention Riesling and either a) you have a t-shirt that says "Drink More Riesling" on it or b) you run in the opposite direction. We think we know Riesling and we've decided if we love it or not. If you're in the love it crowd, you'll know that Ovum makes some of the best white wines in the country and you'll proceed directly to buying them.

For the "not" crowd, we're asking youscratch that, imploring youto set aside your notions of Riesling. Your reward will be a transcendent white wine that's one of the most thrilling domestic white wines we've ever had.

I've had the whole Ovum line-up open for a week, that's seven days, and they are still amazing me each time I go back for a taste. As if we needed another reason to be mesmerized, Ovum reduced their prices by 30% for the 2018s, making all the wines sub-$20. If you try only one wine make it Base Line but please, try them.

Ovum Base Line 2018
$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($21.95 regular)

A transcendent white wine. The texture and weight, acidity and feel are spellbinding. To say it's rare that a $20 domestic white wine has this kind of impact on my senses across the span of a week is beyond an understatement; it hasn't happened before. I'm begging you to try this, not because we need the sale (that is simply not in our DNA) but because I truly believe it's groundbreaking. - Marcus

John and Ksenjia, Ovum's creators, capture the specifics beautifully: "2018 Base Line may be the best Riesling we've made thus far. It has an intoxicating nose of guava, passion fruit, strawberry, sea spray, aloe vera...and yet this wine is completely dry. It will completely fool you with it's aromatics because once it hits your palate you feel the weight of a medium to full bodied wine that is similar to an extended lees aged white Burgundy. However it also has the laser like acidity of a cool climate Riesling. 2018 Base Line covers a lot of ground within the white wine world, and drinks like a wine twice its cost. Grab as much as you can afford and age this wine for as long as you can hold out."

$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($21.95 regular)

And for you Riesling fans out there, this is a total knockout. Actually, when I first opened all the wines and was thinking solely through Riesling-colored glasses, Off The Grid was my favorite in the line up. Andy and I have always loved this bottling from a top-secret, remote vineyard in far Southern Oregon; the 2018 is so good it generates its own electricity. - Marcus

Ovum: "Similar to 2018 Base Line in its aromatic complexity of tropical fruit bound by cool climate aromas, 2018 Off the Grid also offers its classic quince and apricot character. There is a yellow-orange fruit skin complexity on the palate that almost gives the wine the appearance of tannin. It's high acid gives a sense of elegance and complexity that OTG is known for, with a bit more restraint than power in this vintage. This 2018 reminds me of 2013, which was my favorite offering at the time, in that is has power AND grace."

$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($21.95 regular)

Ovum's best-known wine, I hate to even list it third because it looks hierarchical when it's simply a supply issuethere's very little left.

Ovum: "2018 Memorista is a pure reflection of Riesling on basaltic soils. Which is to say it is a salty, crunchy, high acid white wine that is framed by complex citrus aromas. Our continued work with Riesling on volcanic soil leads us to use larger vessels such as oval casks and cement eggs to help round the otherwise razor like acidity. After nine months of aging, the wine is less aromatic and more texturally complex. The 2018 is one of the first offerings that retains the primary aromas from fermentation while offering the complex texture of the vessel. This wine will benefit from extended aging (10 to 15 years) and will pair with any cuisine that calls for high acid white wine."

$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($21.95 regular)

Is dry Gewurztraminer a lost cause? Not in our book! Gorgeous Gewurz characterroses for dayswith outstanding freshness and elegance. - Marcus

Ovum: "2018 To Love Somebody Gewurz is restrained, elegant and refined. Framed by floral elements, flamed orange peel and a general lack of lychee and anything overbearing, this 2018 is different for sure. A cool growing season lead to extended days of sunlight in the harvest window of mid-October. Low to no botrytis brought us clean fruit, that was remarkably high in acid for the variety. It is one of our most age worthy Gewürztraminers to date, and will pair very well with most sushi, roasted veg and fowl, or classic Alsatian cuisine."

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