Oregon's Best Rosés: Goodfellow, Twill

The gauntlet has been thrown: the season's two best Oregon rosés have arrived! No surprise that the responsible wineries are two of our unabashed favorites: Goodfellow and Twill.

These are the rosés we'll be drinking at home. They transcend typical Oregon pink wine to become sublime, stand-alone beacons of refreshment. We can't possibly recommend them highly enough, but we'll try! 


Goodfellow Family Cellars Ramato Pinot gris 2017
$19.75 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($21.95 regular) 
Hello Pinot gris! Marcus Goodfellow continues to evolve Pinot gris from the ho-hum to the sublime with this 96-case lot of skin-contact Pinot gris, creating a beautifully copper-colored (Ramato!) rosé and a beautifully drinking wine. It has texture and weight while being utterly refreshing -- a heavenly combination. This is yet another feather in Marcus Goodfellow's cap, further proof of what we've said for a long while: Goodfellow could make good wine from Norton to Niagra, Pinotage to Pinot gris. - Marcus 


Twill Rose of Pinot noir 2017
$17.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($19.95 regular) 
In a rocky sea of just-okay Oregon Pinot noir rosé, this is the orange-pink lighthouse guiding us to shore. A mouthwatering melange of fresh citrus greets you, filling the glass and your senses. Flashes of apricots, spring flowers, lemons, and fresh strawberries keep delivering tantalizing yumminess. A joy to sip over a sunny afternoon or with dinner and a piece of spring salmon. I promise you'll enjoy this no matter the circumstance or occasion. - Marcus 

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