Only in Oregon

We've watched our industry grow tremendously over the last decade, to the point where Oregon wines are more accessible nationwide than ever before. Still, many of our best wines, and particularly our best values, never see the shelves of stores outside the state.

Such is the case with today's dynamic duo, which begins with a freeking fantastic new wine from Nicolas-Jay and a promising new producer in Granville. Only in Oregon, but we promise to share!

Nicolas-Jay Red Vinyl Pinot noir 2015
$31.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($34.95 regular)
Aromatically deep, dark and ultimately inviting, elements of sweet and fresh fruit, very multi spectrum, with shades of red, blue and black and really, the best of each. Much brighter in character than you'd expect from the nose, weaving in a savory and utterly charming wine-ness -- flavors you taste only in a handful of grapes and most notably, Pinot noir.

Like an opening band, this begins with catchy material and wastes no time playing the hits. There's some showing off to be done, a modicum of restraint to be respected, but you want to leave it all out there. And you, the audience, do not miss the show. An Oregon Reserve Pinot Noir Club selection.
Nicolas-Jay is a partnership between famous Burgundian winemaker Jean-Nicolas Meo, music industry entrepreneur Jay Boberg (whose IRS Records' mascot is within the Red Vinyl label), and associate winemaker Tracy Kendall, a young dynamo who keeps things going day-to-day. - Marcus

Granville Farmhouse Cuvee Pinot noir 2015
$22.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order
($24.95 regular) 
An excellent new value typifying Dundee Hills Pinot character, brimming with scrumptious cherry and pie spice on a silky frame, deepening through the finish. A "neighborhood blend" of two prized Dundee Hills vineyards, Holstein (the family vineyard, 90%) and Murto (planted the year the winemaker was born, 10%).
As winemaker Jackson Holstein says, after earning an allowance in the vineyards, he decided to spend adulthood in the industry that raised him. Jackson is the son of Allen Holstein, vineyard manager for one of Oregon's best known wineries (Argyle), and whose resume includes Domaine Drouhin, and Stoller. We're excited about what we've tasted so far! An Oregon Everyday Pinot Club selection. - Marcus

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