One Thing on My Mind: Bethel Heights

Hello Pinot fans!

I had a completely different offer set up for this morning but after an awesome field trip to wine country yesterday, I woke with one thing on my mind: Bethel Heights. 

My single-mindedness really began Friday afternoon, when Bethel Heights' brand new 2017 Casteel Pinot noir landed in my glass. I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings with it, savoring it slowly, knowing that I'd get to taste it again yesterday morning. I had an initial impression...

And when Ben Casteel -- one of the most talented and most humble winemakers in the Valley --poured the '17 Casteel for me yesterday, my impression was confirmed. Ben said, "I think this is one of the best we've made." I corrected him. "The best."*   

Bethel Heights Casteel Pinot noir 2017

$69.25 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($76.95 regular) 
It's no secret that I believe 2017 to be a spectacular vintage for Willamette Valley Pinot, a classic in the making. Talk to winemakers and you'll hear the same thing. I love the '17 Casteel because it's broad shouldered yet perfectly chiseled, delivering sumptuous fruit for the part of my brain that loves that and tons of electric intrigue for the other part. It strikes me at different moments as outgoing, then contemplative, even slyly mysterious. It exists outside the realm of a typical tasting note -- who needs "berries and spices" when you can have ethereal completeness? Not me. I urge you to add this to your collection, to savor it for days, to stash some for the future.
This is Willamette Valley Pinot noir royalty on full display. The only Bethel Heights Pinot that carries the family name, representing their favorite barrels, the epitome of the vintage. *I've tasted each and every Casteel Pinot noir made, since the inaugural 2002, so I'm confident in my assessment. 
While you're adding Casteel, stock up on a wine that exemplifies value in Willamette Pinot:

Bethel Heights Estate Pinot noir 2017

$28.75 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($31.95 regular) 
The first bottled wine we tasted yesterday, the '17 Estate produced all smiles around the table. Only I knew the secret: the price. Genuine shock would be an apt description when the group learned of the bargain; the Estate bottling is always one of the value ambassadors of the Willamette Valley and when coupled with the 2017 vintage, the bar's been raised. From vines as young as 2002 to the oldest vines from the late '70s, what struck me anew yesterday was the concept that nothing is taken away during the composition of this wine; it is the gateway to Bethel Heights and thus, the standards for which fruit is included are rigorous. It is fantastic!  
I'm looking forward to helping you with an order. Thanks for your support!