One Barrel of Chardonnay Perfection

For all the praise we lavish on Evesham Wood Pinots, it's easy to overlook their stunning estate-grown Chardonnay, Le Puits Sec, mostly because there is a mere 1/4 acre planted and in 2018 that produced one (1!) lonely barrel of Chard. That's it! What it lacks in quantity it way more than makes up for in deliciousness. I tasted it (who am I kidding, we crushed the bottle with a dinner of fresh halibut) and as I thought of what to write about it, simplicity was the answer: this is perfect Chardonnay.

Only 10 cases available...because 24 total were made. Ready, set, go!

$29.65 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($32.95 regular)

This builds on the case that Erin Nuccio is one of the best Chardonnay makers in the New World. Electric from start to finish, pulsing with citrus, pear, sea air, and hazelnut. Erin notes "there’s a bit more flesh and fruit this year while still remaining fresh with great minerality." From certified organic grapes.